gaur city center

Gaur City Centre Noida Extension Retail Shops, Mall, Resale 8010293293

Gaur City Centre


The 1st Commercial Plot of 5.68 Acres (area 23000 Sq. Meters) on `Gaur Chowk on Left hand side just before Gaur City Mall of equal size. Theme Based Floor Planning -1st floor of Gaur City Centre is dedicated to Retailers as Sadar Bazar.
2nd floor of Gaur City Centre is dedicated to Wholesalers as Wholesale Bazar.

Gaur Wholesale Bazar – Gaur City Center

Gaur City Centre is incomplete without the feeder surrounding establishments like school, apartment, villas, and banks. Here, this project fulfills all such conditions makes the best choice for your business venture. Targeted clientele is a crucial factor of any proposed commercial establishment. Further commercial establishment and residential projects are compliments to each other existence. The property has another prominent advantage due to streamlining connectivity with Gaur City 2 ensuring higher customer footfalls.  Noida extension going to be a prominent upcoming center for multi-dimensional service center comprises homes, work spaces, hotels, and other entertainment facilities. The inclusion of cutting-edge building technology and advanced architecture delivers high-end results for proposed business facilitation center. Sophisticated planning and execution is key to the success of any project which reflects in proven track record of Gaursons developers.

Gaur Sadar Bazar – Gaur City Centre

The Gaur City Center is well equipped with all modern facilities and services that come at very affordable prices. Here, it provides all requisite services to your business venture. Efficient management system keeps development cost under limits thus enables you to afford a commercial space of your choice. For all those striving for big potential business opportunities in Greater Noida can opt for this commercial project. Proposed project offers a complete solution to your diversified business plans, growth, and budgetary requirements. Come and access the potential of a promising city business hub.


    1. Excellent Connectivity (Corner plot @ Gaur Chowk)
    1. Starting Point of whole Greater Noida West & Commercial District Center
    1. Proximity to Gaur City & Gaur City 2
    1. Sky Walk Connectivity to Gaur City Mall
    1. Well connected with upcoming Metro
    1. Four Side open plot
    1. Close to 2 Lacs family will live in close vicinity
    1. Mall, Multiplex, Food Courts, Offices, Suites etc
    1. Connected to Gaur City Mall

The famous real estate giant Gaursons is excelling well in the industry by developing world-class projects in residential, commercial, studios, and complex ranges for its patrons in Delhi/NCR. For instance, Gaur City Center is another high level commercial project launched at Noida Extension, sector-121. This brilliant project comprises spaces for all ranges of commercial requirements like restaurants, studios, retail shops, etc. Besides, one will find furnished flats and residential spaces in the project too. Furthermore, the complex is designed precisely and has outlandish infrastructure with furnished spaces for business requirement. Thus, the project is a perfect amalgamation of both residential and commercial spaces and properties to book on rent and buy at affordable prices.

Gaur City Center brings an opportunity for all businessmen to start new setup by booking commercial spaces in the project. Now, you can open new branch of shop or company in a furnished spaces in the building. Moreover, one will find spaces for premium studio, retail shop, and I.T. offices in the project. Also, you can hire spaces on rent and can start new branch of existing business or company in the complex. The building is made durable and earthquake resistant too. The project is spread over 112 land area and is completely secure for shoppers. Besides, the complex is furnished from inside and has stunning entrance, lobby, and easy exit facility as well.

The company provides good facilities in the project such as high speed elevators, ATM, 3-tier security, parking, garden, etc. Moreover, the site is easy to access via NH-24, Noida Expressway, DND flyover, Delhi, and Ghaziabad road as well. Thus, Gaur City Center is a best-in-class project to book space and start new business and set up of company. The spaces are available to buying or renting needs of customers at market leading charges.

Gaur City Center Booking Office:

Maztro Consulting LLP

Contact: 8010293293



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